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Broken Car Keys Manchester | Auto Locksmith Manchester

Broken Car Keys Manchester | Auto Locksmith Manchester

You’re probably not having the best of days if you need broken keys Manchester services but if you’re calling Auto Locksmith Manchester, your day is going to get a whole lot better. Even the best quality cars and top name brands are not strangers to Broken Keys at some point. Most car owners are genuinely shocked when their car keys break because it is commonly believed that these are the sort of problems that affect low quality cars or car brands that are not well known. However, over the years we have been called many times to provide our services even to luxury car brands.

What breaks keys?

A car key can break for a number of reasons. The most obvious reason is wear and tear. If a car has been in use for a long time there is always a risk that the key can break at any given time. The wearing down of any metal part weakens it over time and at some point it could become easier to break. Sometimes, even a new key can break and this can be because of poor overall manufacturing or a singular manufacturing defect. It’s not common for major vehicle manufacturers to make all the keys for a particular model using low quality materials or methods so the initial case isn’t likely but every once in a while a single key may turn out with a problem from the manufacturing process and if this slips through the quality control system it will end up in the hands of an unwitting owner.

If you’ve recently had your key replaced, there is also a high risk of breaking if you went to some cowboy locksmith. Some locksmiths may not understand the specific needs of a key in terms of material and this could result in you using a key made from weak materials.

Lastly, your key can also break if it is subjected to a heavy or sudden force or if it’s bent beyond its limits. Turning your key too hard when it’s stuck, sitting on the key such that it bends or even the key falling from a high place can result in the key breaking or becoming weak such that it’s susceptible to breaking.

What to do when a key breaks

When your car key breaks outside the lock, you’re in luck because you’ll only need a replacement key. However if it breaks inside the lock, you may need a replacement key as well as to remove the broken part of the key from the lock. It’s for such scenarios that our broken keys Manchester services were designed and over the years we have assisted many customers using this service. Trying to get the key out of the lock could result in damage. You should instead get in touch with us for a professional service.

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