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Transponder Car Key Programming

Transponder Programming Manchester

Have you ever seen a locksmith offering Transponder Programming Manchester services and wondered what they are? Most people will own cars and will never be aware of what a transponder is or the fact that they probably have one in their hands several times every day. There was a time when all that stood between your car and the next car thief was a lock and key and car thieves were having the time of their lives. These mechanical systems could easily be bypassed through a number of crude means and the thieves didn’t even have to duplicate your car key.

The owners of luxury vehicles were the ones who were suffering the most because these cars were and still are some of the most commonly targeted vehicles. These cars would be stolen and sold off at lower prices in the black market or they could also be taken apart so they could provide spare parts in unscrupulous garages. When you spend upwards of thirty thousand pounds on a car only to have it stolen, this can be a truly heart wrenching experience.

To deal with these thefts, automobile manufacturers decided to add an electronic component to the security system and this is where the transponder came in. Simply putting an electronic locking system on the car may make it easier for you to remotely lock or unlock your car but it does nothing to prevent a thief from entering your car after breaking a window. Transponders are designed to receive a signal from the car’s computer system when you turn the key. Unless the transponder in the key responds with the correct signal, the engine becomes immobilised. Therefore, even a thief who’s gained entry to your car can’t drive off with it unless they have the right key.

Why would you need transponder programming Manchester services?

Although your key comes with a transponder that is already programmed to work with the vehicle, you may have to reprogram the transponder at some point for one or two reasons. For starters, any time you get a replacement key, it will have to be programmed so it can match with your vehicle’s system. This means that if your key breaks or if you lose it or even if you get a spare key, you will need transponder programming services too.

Some people also seek out these services when they buy a used car. Because you may not know much about the previous owner of the car, there is always a risk that there is a spare key for the car in someone else’s hands. Rather than take the chance of losing the car a few days after buying it, you can have the transponder reprogrammed as soon as you receive the key to ensure only your key is able to activate the car.

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